Recently Downloaded Programs

You have downloaded Autodesk software and want to find the downloaded files on your computer.

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4 Ways to Open Downloads - wikiHow If you download with a lot of programs, chances are that your downloads have.

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Whether you need to check what files were recently opened on your.

It sounds silly, but one of the issues with Windows 8.1 is that the OS no longer pins newly installed apps on your Start screen.

Learn how to download files from the web, change your default.

You can still use the Control Panel, but there are also options to uninstall from the.

After you download your software, you can.

Drag the program s icon into your newly opened Applications window.

In short, you can now view all recently added programs with a click.

Some of our readers asked how they can find out when a program or app was installed on their Windows computers and devices.

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