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WiiU - Nintendont Wii U Pro Controller Setup.

Put it in /apps/Nintendont/ (along with meta.

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Nintendont - Yes, you CAN play GameCube games on your Wii U.

Nintendont Se7enSins Gaming Community Nintendont is more like an interpreter which runs Gamecube games.

Voici nintendont par crediar (et repris par d autres personnes un homebrew qui permet de l.Wii Info.

GameCube Triforce arcade games on Wii WiiU - EPForums Jan 5, 2015.

It is now included in the default controller ID pack - use the update menu in Nintendont to download.

Updated download function to allow https downloads).

UL Nintendont for Wii U and Wii - Wii U Homebrew - DarkUmbra Download your HID controller ini automatically through Nintendont press the B button, then press x or 1 select Download controller.

Nintendont - ZeldaCodes This is provided in the Code Database as well as whenever you download a precompiled GCT File here from ZeldaCodes.

Nintendont - Complete Softmod Guide - Google Sites Nintendont, GameCube USB Loader for Wii and WiiU.

Nintendont directly due to it constantly being updated.