Downloaded Program Files

Here is what I discovered, the C:WINDOWSDOWNLOADED PROGRAM FILES directory when opened shows 24 objects in it.

But what does it mean when they are damaged?

Dossier Downloaded program files - Windows logiciels.

XP Bestanden verwijderen uit Downloaded Program Files.

Even then i am not able to paste any files under this folder : C:WINDOWS.

I need to copy the files there and pre-register the.

Has anyone had success copying files to the C:WindowsDownloaded Program.

What s so special about Downloaded Program Files folder.

Dear stata-listers: My computer is undergoing neural disturbances and may need to be sent back to the mfg.

I was wondering if anyone could please tell me how to get the.

I ve been trying to install a piece of software but it keeps giving me this error that it cannot register a particular.dll in the downloaded program.

I suspect that the folder Downloaded Program Files located in the.

Downloaded Program Files - Forums - CNET W98SE, I.E 6.0,SP1, HP Pavilion 6630 The files listed below are in C: Windows/.

How come when I access it with Explorer I.