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AKO Login » What is the DoD root certificate, and do I need it?

What files/certificates do I need to download to access my AKO.

The VMET document you are able to download is updated quarterly and will.

You will find a link next to the Firefox logo that says Download DoD Mozilla Firefox.

My computer won t open encrypted emails on AKO.

Contractor Employees - Defense Technical Information Center Note: In order to register with a PIV card or ECA, DoD Root Certificates must be loaded to your browser.

To successfully access DoD websites, you need to have the Department of.

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Check back army ako webmail with your organization to find out the approximate date will be created.

Option 1: AKO Sign in / Option 2: You can download the Zip File on your hard.

New CAC (PIV) cards may require reset of default certificate.

Register for an AKO/DKO account at my.

A list of the courses you have completed.

Digital identification, View and Download AKO -D14601 user manual online.